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Marketing makes a product known to the target market. To achieve this, marketers require a project or program and this where project managers come in handy. A lot of project management is involved in marketing campaigns and programs. Effective project management strategies assist in delivering budget cautious and timely marketing campaigns. A well-formulated project plan also assists in the coordination of numerous uncertain activities that may occur during marketing campaigns.

Proper project management boosts your marketing success. Project management for marketing is dynamic and requires adjustment to new processes, ad hoc requests and taking on challenging duties. Having the right marketing project management tools to plan and implement all marketing projects is essential for every business. Since different projects from different industries vary greatly, the ideal project management tools offer individuals freedom to control workflow.

Program planning

Marketers go through marketing strategies with their clients and recommend programs that will cater for the clients' needs. These programs include direct marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, digital campaigns and distributor training. When the marketers have reached an agreement with the client, the project managers are consulted on the implementation and practicality of the program. They prepare a budget and schedule for all the elements that affect the program.


Implementation of any marketing program requires different skill levels. Plan managers are responsible for the identification of the suitable team members to implement the program based on their workload, skills and experience. In cases where a company does not have all the required skill levels internally, the project manager should identify external skills to fill the gaps.


Project managers work together with marketing personnel to determine the time that should be allocated to each marketing project stage. In the case of an advertising program, the manager is required to formulate a time frame for developing proposals, illustration, artwork production and photography. They also ensure that the advertisements are ready for use by the set publication date. Therefore, they monitor progress and make adjustments when need be.


Every marketing project requires a budget that caters for internal and external expenses. The project manager is required to prepare budget estimates in reference to the expected internal and external input. The budget estimates are then presented to the clients for approval. The managers monitor the expenses at each stage to ensure that the agreed budget is adhered to.

Marketers are not project managers therefore, they have to work closely with the development managers to ensure that their marketing projects are well formulated and implemented. Qualified task managers have undergone project management training. There are great project manager courses online that are accredited. These courses are designed for the busy individuals who do not have time to attend full time classes.

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A project manager in a marketing firm or department is responsible for the scheduling and planning of marketing programs, identifying the required resources and skills for implementing the marketing project and ensuring that all the programs are completed within the given budget and time.